Source code for deepparse.cli.download_model

import argparse
import sys

from deepparse.download_tools import download_model, MODEL_MAPPING_CHOICES

[docs]def main(args=None) -> None: """ CLI function to manually download all the dependencies for a pretrained model. Example of usage: .. code-block:: sh download_model fasttext download_model fasttext --saving_cache_dir a_cache_dir_path """ if args is None: # pragma: no cover args = sys.argv[1:] parsed_args = get_args(args) model_type = parsed_args.model_type saving_cache_path = parsed_args.saving_cache_dir download_model(model_type, saving_cache_path=saving_cache_path)
def get_parser() -> argparse.ArgumentParser: """Return ArgumentParser for the cli.""" parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument( "model_type", choices=MODEL_MAPPING_CHOICES, help="The model type to download.", ) parser.add_argument( "--saving_cache_dir", type=str, default=None, help="To change the default saving cache directory (default to None e.g. default path).", ) return parser def get_args(args): # pragma: no cover """Parse arguments passed in from shell.""" return get_parser().parse_args(args)